How To Create A Twitter Widget For Your Website or Blog?


Twitter has been around for more than a decade now. Social media platforms are being used by brands to generate brand awareness, engagement, relationships, communication, sharing information, thoughts, and feedback. 

It is one of the most successful social media channels which has been able to establish and meet all of these targets and maximize expectations of the users & brands more efficiently. 

Why do you need a Twitter Widget?

When you put the effort into building up your community, communicate well with your users, and mark your social presence strongly, people are not much aware of your brand. Probably the visitors of your official website are not able to connect with you on Twitter. In this case, you are missing the opportunities of converting your visitors into potential customers. 

Adding a Twitter widget on your website or blog will help your website visitors to engage with content resulting in increasing the dwell time & also build trust for your brand. It will help your visitors or consumers to explore your Twitter profile. It will also help them in discovering what other users think, and they can also check-out your Twitter profile without even leaving your website page. 

Adding a Twitter widget on your website will stream live all of your Twitter feeds on the website instantly, which will increase the visitor time on the website as a result, the visitor could be transformed into a follower or a consumer. 

Commerce through Twitter

Twitter has unlocked the door of immense opportunities for users and brands both. The benefits which Twitter serve to the digital marketer or brands include: 

  1. Better opportunities to open-up, connect, engage, and interact with users all around the globe.
  2. Observe, analyze, and share more customer-relevant content on the platform. Twitter will help you target your audience on a broad spectrum.
  3. Through Twitter, you can acquire qualitative user-generated content for the marketing purpose of your brand. 
  4. Adding a widget on your website will keep visitors engaged, and offer you an opportunity to transform your visitor into the follower. 
  5. Showcasing real-time Twitter feeds will generate social proof, will give you more customers, and a higher conversion rate. 
  6. The improvised growth rate of the brand. 
  7. More traffic on your website.
  8. Adding a Twitter widget on your website or blog will add a splash of colors to the overall look of the page. 

The benefits which I mentioned above must have outlined the importance of adding a Twitter widget on your official website. It is quite easy to add it to your website or blog. 

Let’s now explore the best 2 methods of creating a Twitter widget for your website. 

How to Create a Twitter Widget?

In this web article, we will make you walk through the 2 best simplified and easy ways of embedding a Twitter widget for your official website or blog. The methods which we will explore are: 

1. Using Twitter itself: Twitter is a widely used social media platform, and it has an assorted spectrum of widgets that can be used for adding a Twitter widget on your website. Log in to your Twitter account, click on Twitter account settings, and then choose the option of Widgets from the dropdown. From widgets, choose the option of Create New from the list. 

After choosing the option of Create a New widget, the New Page will come-up, where you need to select the type of feed which you need to embed on the website. From the section of enter the Twitter URL, click on the down arrow you can see and select the type of feeds that you want to embed to your website. Paste the URL of the content, which you want to showcase in your widget in the section of entering the Twitter URL. 

After pasting the URL, you need to click on the right arrow that is displayed in the same field it will lead you to the page where you will get the display options built upon the type of widget or the content you want to add. Just after confirming the display option, you will be landed on the preview page of the Twitter widget if the widget is good to go, then go ahead and click on the copy code button and paste this code on the website or the blog where you want to add it. 

2. Using Social Media Aggregator Tool: It can also be added to the website or blogs with the help of the social media aggregator tools like Taggbox. These tools help in aggregating all the feeds of the chosen platform like in this case it is Twitter. Click on the option of Create feed, choose Twitter, to aggregate all the feeds. After choosing Twitter, the pop-up will come up in which you need to enter the profile, mention, handle, or a hashtag from which you want to aggregate all the feeds. 

Post adding this information you can click on Create Feed. You can also make the customizations based on your preference of the design, layout, and the way of displaying the content. After making all the changes you can also make the alterations to filter the content and Livestream the qualitative and valuable content on the website from the option of moderation.

After selecting manual moderation, you can filter inappropriate words or phrases from the curated feeds or the posts. Once all the alterations and the amendments are done, then you can click on the option of Embed Widget on the bottom left-hand side corner of the page. After clicking on this option the pop-up will come up through which you can choose the desired option for your website after selecting it you can get the code by clicking on the Get code option. Then you can copy this code and paste it on your official website or the blog where you want to embed the Twitter feeds. 


Brands are using Twitter for expanding their reach of targeted audiences, and the shoppers are using it for sharing their reviews, thoughts, and experience with the brands. By adding Twitter feeds on the website or the blog, make the website more communicative, trustworthy, reliable, and captivating.

Grab the attention of the visitor, increase their stay time on your website, and turn them into your customers. Add a Twitter widget today on your official website. 

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