Top 7 Leading B2B Ecommerce Sites for New Startup

Top 7 Leading B2B Ecommerce Sites for New Startup


As the world of innovations and technology is progressing, ways of businesses keep progressing too. People are exploring new and improved marketing techniques for the up-gradation of their businesses. Conventional marketing tactics are substituted by digital marketing tactics. Businesses have explored many digital marketing platforms and are still exploring. Likewise, Business to Business platforms has emerged as the most efficient and outcomes-providing platforms, especially for the new startups.  Several e-commerce businesses are now in search of those B2b eCommerce websites that can offer them a bundle of incredible features and services that can help them in rising speedily. 

The boom in the B2B eCommerce market has been growing exponentially. The progression of the tech-oriented world has transformed or reshaped the working criteria of businesses. These days the B2B clients tend to perform online trading. And, the pandemic hit this scenario hardly and enables the traders to perform a business activity with the best B2B eCommerce site.

There are abundant platforms that deliver enormous sales and evolution prospects. Below are the top 7 leading b2b eCommerce sites that are offering their platform to thousands of brands everywhere around the globe to upsurge and approach their native and international clients.

As per the researcher, the expansion in the B2B market has just begun and the new B2B eCommerce websites will account for 30% of online sales by 2024. It is even projected that the global B2B online marketplace sales might hit $3.6 trillion in upcoming years.

No offense, when you say the tech world changes the modes of doing shopping. Today, buyers and sellers have opportunities to buy and sell anything from every corner of the world. That is the foremost reason that allows brand owners to put on every effort to integrate top marketing strategies and perform optimum business activities.

In the present day, the competition is hitting hard, and it affects the demand-supply dynamics amazingly. That is why it is imperative to learn the need for a B2B ecommerce website to enhance your business activities. Whether you are a new startup or a leading business, in this blog, you will read a list of leading B2B eCommerce marketplaces to run your business efficiently.

Need Of B2B Platforms in Today’s World

In the report by McKinsey, the COVID-19 completely triggered the digital performance and the data shows there are almost 80% of B2B buyers and sellers who don’t plan to again start the in-person sales after a pandemic.

Both B2B sellers and buyers prefer the new digital arena. And, majority of buyers are now preferring the digital self-serve or remote human engagement rather than face-to-face interactions.

As a new business startup, it is important to learn the need B2B eCommerce site. There are several great benefits of connecting with the B2B site that will not go to be ignored.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into it!

B2B sites improve the productivity & efficiency of your business activities

  • Attract more customers
  • Improve business functionalities
  • Surely increase the brand awareness
  • Offer customer-centric approach
  • Helps to optimize business operation
  • Increase brand visibility and reputation
  • Boost the sales of products and services
  • Enhance the data analytics

Below the list of 7 leading Ecommerce websites:

1. eWorldTrade

eWorldTrade has now emerged as a leading name in the eCommerce selling and buying community where sellers and buyers are linked with each other to avail the biggest opportunities. This vast eCommerce website proposes a consistent and protected practice to the sellers where they simply run their trade operations. Since its launch, this platform is endlessly rising in skills, knowledge, and experience that is making every industrialist digitize its business. 

eWorldTrade is the world’s largest B2B eCommerce site that considers the one-stop-shop solution for each business. Whether you want to sell heavy machinery, buy grocery items, or get the best furniture for your garden and home, you can purchase anything with ease. This B2B eCommerce site offers thousands of opportunities to sellers and merchants from all over the world.

However, it connects you with certified buyers and traders. It enables you to place an order in bulk quantities, offers multiple payment options, and allows you to access international directories easily. This b2B eCommerce site is developed to make things easier for sellers and buyers.

Moreover, eWorldTrade is also eminent for lead generation. One can discover many achievement stories on the Internet that are telling about their experience with eWorldTrade and why you should opt for this platform for your business. eWorldTrade is also known to offer a wide range of first-class products at the most rational prices trailed by rapid deliveries as well. By all this and countless other profits for buyers and sellers to exist and use this particular platform. eWorldTrade has rapidly climbed to be recognized as one of those online B2B platforms, which you must surely be using in 2022 and onwards.

2. eBay

While searching for the best business-to-business eCommerce marketplaces, you might have already heard about eBay. It is one of the remarkable platforms where customers and businesses create a productive business bond among them. In recent times eBay has attained a remarkable position and publicity in the race of b2b eCommerce marketplaces. 

eBay has positioned itself among the top B2B eCommerce site due to its credibility factor. This platform gets popular because of its strategic B2B portal. This site is designed to give ease to traders, merchants, and buyers so they perform business functions efficiently. It is the site that is designed to give easy navigation method and interactive to its users.  

eBay is all about well-organized shipping and a consistent experience. eBay provides such types of features where not only consumer goods are sold at reasonable prices, but deluxe products are also another thing that is highly endorsed by everyone.

Therefore, eBay catches the attention of several buyers and sellers, as it helps in building up an effective business bond. From management to customer services, this platform helps to operate your business successfully.

3. Alibaba

There is no hesitation to say that Alibaba is one of the highly recognized names in the B2B online marketplace around the world. Their emphasis is to provide a fraud-free website to ease innovative swapping of products and services. The most fascinating thing about Alibaba is its minimal prices and high-quality products along with a huge range of variations. They offer unique and outstanding products to their visitors which you can rarely see on other marketplaces today. 

Alibaba is the leading Chinese consortium that is considered the best B2B eCommerce website. As it is a simple and interactive B2B platform that connects buyers and sellers worldwide under one roof. This B2B eCommerce site is dedicated as the best platform that provides consumer sales portals to track each activity efficiently. It has more than 900 million users today.

Alibaba has influenced Chinese business tycoons by providing them a protected yet attractive opportunity where they can effortlessly trade products in numerous niches.  Alibaba features multipurpose products and multiple exceptional facilities that are relatively special for advancing sales and development. It is also recognized as the best online B2B marketplace. The manufacturers and suppliers are captivating the online rivalry by getting hands-on cutting-edge results. Most of the well-known companies highly recommend this platform for initiating a new eCommerce startup that empowers the businesspersons to link with the buyers deprived of any bother.

This platform follows a unique approach and considers a strategic path to help entrepreneurs increase business growth and generate revenue.

4. Global Sources

Global sources are a suitable and relaxed platform for everyone where eCommerce has become quite easy for everyone but the purchasing opportunity is restricted to a few prime locations. Businesses are generating huge revenue than ever predictable because numerous customers reach this website on a daily basis. Sellers from all over the world can display their versatile range of products by picking out the features that are exceptionally great in everything that you need for your business for its growth. 

Global sources are another B2B best eCommerce site that eventually lies among the leading ones. This online platform is the most convenient and easy-to-use site for everyone. It is served as the amazing directory comprising of manufacturers and suppliers worldwide.

Various sellers have achieved notable status in the market and have generated record-breaking leads through Global Sources. They use a creative and collaborative approach to discover and develop new products and services for their clients to whom they are offering those specific products.

No matter, if your business is small or large, this platform assists every enterprise globally. This platform offers online trading services and has experience of 15th years.

5. DH Gate

Global importers choose DHGate to purchase Chinese products that are dispatched to almost 200 countries all over the world. DHgate relishes a prized position as the top B2B marketplace. Their monitoring and tracking system is really strong. They keep track of every order in a very systematic manner which provides the best possible outcomes on time. It claims to offer a scam-free experience to its users whether they are buyers or sellers. The policies of DHGate are highly strict which builds the trust of its users. 

DH gate is the top B2B eCommerce site that offers the best quality product to its customers. The best thing about this site is they gather certified traders across the world to assure the quality of each product. Similar to eWorldTrade, this site facilitates small to medium-sized businesses.

DHgate is a B2B marketplace that allows international importers to purchase small quantities of Chinese goods at wholesale prices. Electronics, apparel, decorative products, sports accessories, and other items can be found here. DHGate sells over 30 million products in 227 countries around the world. It currently has over 5 million customers globally and is one of the top 2100 most frequented websites on the internet.

Moreover, this platform offers the safest international payment method and it has more than 40 million high-quality products. One of the best things about this platform is that it allows Minimum order quantity purchase.

6. EC 21

EC21 has effectual solutions to meet distribution benchmarks. This top B2B website is beneficial for both types of business whether they are a fortune 500 company or a small startup. It has teamed up with experts who have massive acquaintance and hands-on experience in managing online consignments. 

EC21 is the name of the eminence of products and trusted sellers.  Amid millions of b2b websites available online, you can trust only EC21 to market your goods under the managed systems. 

EC21 is popular due to its amazing deal and discount offers. This B2B eCommerce site leaps gradually and positioned itself among the best retailers in the B2B sector. They have developed an interactive website that offers a seamless navigation system to its customers.sss

7. Amazon

Amazon is one of the most consistent, commonly used, and firstborn online marketplaces in the world. Amazon provides B2B services as well as B2C services. This platform has a vast collection of products available anyone can access online and buy. Because of its wide available range, you can buy anything from Amazon. It is also considered the world’s most persuasive platform around the world. 

Its capacity to deliver anything has to uplift its status as one of the important b2b eCommerce websites in the world. Moreover, the website user interface of Amazon is really easy to understand for the users and is user-friendly in nature. It makes possible the fastest delivery of the products.

Amazon is popular due to its amazing deal and discount offers. This B2B eCommerce site leaps gradually and positioned itself among the best retailers in the B2B sector. They have developed an interactive website that offers a seamless navigation system to its customers. This has wide-ranging products, from motorcycles to automobiles, kids’ toys to toddlers’ clothing, branded watches to jewelry, and consumer electronics, you find every little thing on this platform.

Ending Statement

B2B eCommerce websites are becoming more and more vital trade instruments for business-to-business transactions and marketing as they swift up the marketing process and help in generating huge revenue. It is tough to pick any single site to sell any product because you cannot predict the selections of any specific website’s audience. It would be a great approach if you select 3 to 4 eCommerce websites to sell your product in case you can afford the website’s cost. 

The best b2b eCommerce website should have a user-friendly UI where the user can go and easily grasp the categories of the products which the website has. Many B2B companies launch various types of offers including daily discount offers, subscription codes, promotional offers, and other rewards after buying their product like to free visit a certain dream destination or any picnic points. This really helps them in boosting their sales and making long term relationships with their customers.

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